Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad Docs

Just like in every walk of life, there are good and bad to be seen in various professions. I can tell you, I've worked with some damn fine physicians whom I'd trust (and have) with the lives of me and mine. I've also worked with some docs who I would not trust with the care of a pet rock.

I'll be telling some bad doc stories. Probably, a lot of them. They are more interesting than, "You should see the way he handles a difficult intubation! [but when I was single and considered dating in the workplace (for about the first six months, then, just, NO!) grace under pressure made hot a lot hotter.] That is not to say, all doctors are quacks, charlatans, misogynists and out to do the most expensive procedure so that they can make their tee time.

I'll start with one of the first I encountered. He was memorable. A young lady came in for a laparoscopic tubal ligation. He had ordered NO LABS. Anesthesia said, "WTF," and ordered a CBC and chem 7. That painfully thin young woman was dangerously hypokalemic. Most likely from an eating disorder. Anesthesia then said, "Oh, HELL NO," and canceled the procedure. The doc shows up, and I tell him that anesthesia canceled the case and why. He was PISSED. Demanded to know who ordered labs on his patient?! I told him, "The doctor who was responsible for putting her to sleep." He continued to rampage, saying, "I didn't order labs. I don't order labs when I know I won't like the answer."

It's rare when you get someone to admit that they are an uncaring hack.

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