Thursday, September 10, 2009

Completely unrelated

A Public Service Announcement:

Call your bank and ask them if your checking account has a "feature" that enables your atm/debit card to never be declined. Ever. They do you a "favor" by putting through every single attempt. They are GIVERS! Well, givers who charge $36 per use. So, while on our little vacation, every time we used our card, including for a $2 parking meter, it charged us an extra $36, plus a $6/day fee for every day we continued to be overdrawn. That'll teach us to be smug about scoring street parking on Newbury Street at lunch time.

I went to make a deposit today. It wasn't enough to cover the hundreds (pushing four figures, honestly) in fees that they charged without a single "hey,dipshit...your account is overdrawn!" Funny, the nice man who bid me farewell by name, as our business account is there, never mentioned that I just put a little bit of money in a much bigger hole. So, I went to the grocery store to buy food and grab some extra cash. It all went through without a hitch. It wasn't until I got home and opened the first of what will be MANY letters advising us of our initial transgression on the 4th. So, there's another $36 for them.

Yes, it's our job to track our check register, but how about the smallest inkling that we are digging a big hole? They let this go on for over six days. Smells like loan sharking to me.

So, do check on that fine print, won't you?

Edit: Nothing new, apparently. This very issue was covered in the NYT yesterday

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